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Student Equity / BSI / SSSP / AANAPISI Work Group


Collaborate and maximize our resources to better serve students. Review requests for SE/BSI/SSSP/AANAPISI funds and submit recommendations to PIEAC for the use of SE/BSI/SSSP/AANAPISI funds

Members (14)

  • Academic Senate Rep. (Thomas Cao)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Gordon Song)
  • Dean of Counseling (Bruce Keeler)
  • Dean of Instruction (Dana Emerson)
  • SSSP Coordinator (Mai Le)
  • Student Success Coordinator (Danny Pittaway)
  • Project Director, Title III AANAPISI (Rene Gutierrez)
  • Director, EOPS/CARE/CAFYES/CalWORKs (Julie Mendez)
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (Aeron Zentner)
  • Manager, Contract Education and Military Instruction (Nate Harrison)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Rosalie Triggs)
  • Dean, Students & Equity (VACANT)
  • Counselor (EOPS) (VACANT)
  • DSPS Representative (VACANT)

Meeting Schedule

September- December / February – May; TBA


College Center


  • Julie Mendez
  • Faculty Rep (VACANT)

Committee Support

  • Rosalie Triggs (714) 241-6208

Electronic Funding Request

Coastline’s Request for SE/SSSP/and Title III Funding

Student Equity / BSI / SSSP / AANAPISI Documents

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