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Standard Emergency Management System (SEMS) Team Work Group


To further the District’s emergency response efforts and meet SEMS requirements.

Members (11) 2018-19

  • Academic Senate President or Designee (Ann Holliday)
  • Associate Dean, Distance Learning (TBD)
  • Campus Operations Director (VACANT)
  • Classified Senate President or Designee (Sergio Borja)
  • Dean, Instruction (Nancy Jones)
  • Dean, Instruction (Dana Emerson)
  • Director, Business Services (Derek Bui)
  • Executive Dean, ELD (Joycelyn Groot)
  • Faculty (Jennifer Giancarlo)
  • Incident Commander (VACANT)
  • Information Technology (VACANT)
  • Operations (VACANT)
  • Planning and Intelligence (VACANT)
  • Public Information Officer (Dawn Willson)
  • Student (ASG) (VACANT)
  • Safety Officer/Liaison Officer (VACANT)
  • Director, Strategy and Logistics (Michael Scott)
  • VP, Student Services (Kate Mueller)


  • Michael Colver 241-6360
  • Christine Nguyen 241-6144

Committee Support


Meeting Schedule, etc.

Once per semester and as needed during the year.
College Center

Standard Emergency Management System (SEMS) Team Work Group Documents

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