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Facilities, Safety & Sustainability


The Facilities, Safety and Sustainability Committee are mandated to review and plan for Facilities to house sites, programs, and college operations. Safety is to review and recommend procedures and practices to ensure maximum levels of safety and health for all College operations including ADA compliance and sustainability will explore and promote avenues of sustainability that the college can use to become a more environmentally responsible campus. In addition, the committee will enable sustainability in Coastline’s college community through education and training.

Members (16) 2018-19

  • Academic Senate Rep. (Randall Warwick)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Michael Warner)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Michael Bach)
  • ADA 504 Officer (Renate Akins)
  • Area Facilitator- NBC (Kathy Bledsoe)
  • Area Facilitator- LJC (Janice DeBattista)
  • Area Facilitator- GGC (Vacant)
  • ASG Rep. (Lan Tran)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Tom Boscamp)
  • CMT Rep. (Merry Kim)
  • CMT Rep. (Tom Neal)
  • Director, Campus Safety & Emergency Preparedness (Michael Colver)
  • Director, Maintenance & Operations (Randy Flint)
  • District Environmental Health & Safety Representative (Kevin Pegg)
  • Director, IT (Dave Thompson)
  • M&O Dept. Rep. (Kathy McKindley)
  • Title IX Officer (Leighia Fleming)
  • VP, Administrative Services (Christine Nguyen)

Resource - as needed

  • Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning (Aeron Zentner)


  • Randy Flint 241-6224
  • Christine Nguyen 241-6144
  • Michael Colver 241-6360

Committee Support

  • Martha Tran-Nguyen 241-6145

Meeting Schedule, etc.

September – December / February - May
2nd Thursdays
3 – 5 p.m.
College Center

Facilities, Safety & Sustainability Documents

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