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Accreditation Steering Committee


To guide the college through the self-evaluation process for the purpose of continuous self-improvement as evidenced by the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report

Members (13) 2018-19

Standard 1

  • Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning (Aeron Zentner)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Ann Holliday)
  • Classified Senate President or Designee (Darian Aistrich)

Standard 2

  • VP, Instruction (Vince Rodriguez)
  • Executive Dean, ELD (Joycelyn Groot)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Dan Johnson)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Sara Estrada)

Standard 3

  • VP, Administrative Services (Christine Nguyen)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Rick Lockwood)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Meg Yanalunas)

Standard 4

  • Academic Senate Rep. (Stephen Barnes)
  • Dean, Instruction (Area Center) (Nancy Jones)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Kasie Hipp Mirhashemi)


  • Vince Rodriguez 241-6195
  • Aeron Zentner 241-6413
  • Danny Pittaway 241-6184

Committee Support

  • Nancy Ramirez 241-6195

Meeting Schedule, etc.

September – December / February – May
1st & 3rd Thursday
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
College Center

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